Thursday, June 3 - the place to be for business.

Day 5 


Thursday, June 3, 2010 - the place to be for business.

Economic Conference
Hotel Intercontinental Shenzen, 9009 Shennan Road , Nan Shan District, Shenzen
by invitation only

1 p.m.         Opening of the economic conference: “Business Know-How for
                     Sustainable Urban Environments – Experiences from Berlin and Shenzhen”
                Introductory speech by Harald Wolf, Mayor of Berlin, Senator for
                Economics, Technology and Women's Issues
                Eberhard Schuppius, German Consul General Guangzhou (inquired)

                Presentation of Shenzhen's and Berlin's business potentials

1.30 p.m.
   The business environment for investment and trade between
                      Shenzhen and Berlin
                Representative from Shenzhen
                Jan Eder , CEO of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

                Discussion on business cooperation with Berlin entrepreneurs of
                the sectors transport and mobility, energy, water and creative industries 

3 p.m.         Parallel sector panels for the exchange between enterprises
                from Berlin and Shenzhen on:
                - Energy
                - Transport and mobility
                - Water
                - Creative industries
                - How to start your business in Berlin? Information, regulation, testimonials

4 p.m.        B2B-meetings

7 p.m.        Berlin – the place to be for music .
                 Live concert: "Young Euro Classic meets Hip Hop Stützpunkt"

Video from the concert


Press Conference in Shenzen


Accompanying Business Partners


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