Berlin x Tokyo 20 years of partnership

Berlin x Tokyo 

On 14 May 1994, a friendship delegation led by the then governor of Tokyo, Suzuki Shunichi travelled from Tokyo to Berlin to sign a joint declaration with then mayor of Berlin, Eberhard Diepgen, establishing Berlin and Tokyo as sister cities. Ever since, both cities have actively supported cultural and youth exchange while deepening the friendship and mutual understanding of their citizens.

The cities share a history of regeneration out of the ruins of the war. Berlin has risen from the ruins to become a playground for artists, musicians, and alternative lifestyles. Tokyo is today a leading city in commerce, design, and technology. 

Berlin is currently the hottest destination in the EU. A combination of extraordinary history and a growing immigrant population is giving birth to a unique culture. Why Berlin? A quarter century has passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. More and more people around the world migrate in the city. Techno music and freedom lay an exceptionally nutritious foundation where creativity is unceasingly born. Challenges, failure, radical self-expression, all are de-facto in Berlin. This is good, not only for free thinkers, activists and creative minds, but also for business and start-ups. Berlin’s cultural richness enhances growth of the city holistically.

BERLIN x TOKYO Exhibition of Design, Art, and Culture -spaces where new ideas are born-” will take place on Nov. 29th and 30th in a special year of 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Berlin-Tokyo sister city relationship. Berlin’s greatest and upcoming art, design, and fashion will be showcased in a 2 day exhibition on Roppongi Hills’ 52nd Floor with an exceptional view of Tokyo Metropolis while live music and DJs will take over at night at UNIT in Daikanyama. The two-day show provides a tribute to Berlin history and Berlin-Tokyo sisterhood presenting up-to-date art work, design products, fashion, and more, while talks by creative leaders and workshops by start-up will provide a fertile ground for ideas and inspiration for the future to materialize.

BERLIN x TOKYO celebrates the 20 years of partnership between Tokyo and Berlin through the theme of “RESONANZ”.


German for Resonance. 

    1.     The power to evoke enduring images, memories, and emotions

    2.     The reinforcement or prolongation of sound by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

BERLIN x TOKYO is a 2 day and one night showcase of art, design, music, and progressive thinking from Berlin and Tokyo. Presented by a roster of up and coming creators and thinkers, creative works and new concepts will be explored through a rich program of exhibitions, live events, talks, and workshops. PARTNERS Berlin Partner Visit Berlin German Embassy Goethe Institute DZT TMG TIXEE