pop-up Lab Berlin

The pop-up Lab Berlin is a chance for people all over the world to get a glimpse of the creative, colorful and cutting-edge capital of Germany, without leaving their own country. The lab was born in 2016, when it had its debut appearance at the Hannover Messe, followed by stops in Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. After this, the pop-up Lab Berlin presented itself to the international audience with appearances in Tel Aviv.

Its next destination will be: London (November 21-26, 2016).

What is behind  the pop-up Lab Berlin?

The lab is an exciting combination of the different aspects Berlin has to offer. A primary cornerstone is the exhibit „Start-up meets Grown-up“, which matches large and experienced companies with new and promising Berlin-made start-ups. This represents Berlin’s economy as well as tech-industry and the capital’s innovative potential. However, this is just an example of how the lab represents the innovative capital. Other aspects of the city’s science, culture, music, gastronomy, design, tourism and sports scene are highlighted as well, in an always changing and never boring combination of modules, panels, pitches, creations and collaborations.

BrainCity: Science Slam & Myon the robot in the pop-up Lab

A Science Slam and a small robot that can learn and takes selfies: Berlin’s innovative science is presented in a unique way at the pop-up Lab Berlin.read more

Factory & Start-up spirit at Pop-up-Lab

New ideas and fresh ways of thinking: Innovation grows in a relaxed atmosphere at the "Partners Dinner" in the pop-up Lab Berlin.read more


A Foodtruck, interacting with designs and the smallest disco in the world: The pop-up Lab is becoming a creative lab. Berlin’s professional soccer players are also on board.read more


Experimenting in the pop-up Lab for club culture: in the "glass studio" from FluxFM, and with performances at the "Pop-Kultur" festival.read more


What's going on at Berlin pop-up Lab in London? Find out here! read more