Exhibition-Tip: "Industrie findet Stadt"

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On display from November 25th to January 5th, the exhibit „Industrie findet Stadt“ depicts Berlin’s industry in a new and creative light. Created by three students from the Technical Universty of Berlin, it highlights the qualities of Berlin’s industrial sector that make it uniquely Berlin.

Exhibition: "Berlin findet Stadt" 

Originally designed by students Tina Keller, Franziska Waldemer and Cristina Todorova from the Technical University of Berlin, this exhibit takes an new and unorthodox look at Berlin’s industrial sector. The exhibit consists of five separate islands, spaced apart on a grid measured down to the millimeter using industrial accuracy. The islands themselves contain examples of work ranging from photographs, to videos, to physical pieces of art, reflective of these student’s backgrounds in design, communication, and photography. While the layout of the islands and exhibits is precise and grid like, the artwork itself is often presented at a tilt within large 3D cube like structures. The tilt of many of the photos and other pieces of art is intended to allude to the unconventional and unique character of Berlin. This creative way of presenting the art isn’t the exhibit’s only connection to the city with the small red highlights that hold together the 3D boxes subtly working to further evoke the connection between the art and the city of Berlin. These boxes, unlike the precise and grid like layout of the show, are designed according to the "Modulor" of Le Corbusier, a set of design principles based upon human proportions as opposed to any specific or standardized set of measurements. Keller, Waldemer, and Todorova have done an excellent job illustrating a side of industry not usually seen and more importantly, unique to Berlin. 

Curious? You can visit the exhibition from November 25th 2015 to January 5th 2016 in the Berliner Rathaus, Rathausstraße 15, 10178 Berlin. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am – 6pm. Free admission. Better call 030 9026 2032 beforehand, because the Rathaus might contemporarily be closed due to State Visist etc.