Campaign 2008 - 2012


5 years of be Berlin - a review

sei Berlin – be Berlin. As we unveiled the be Berlin campaign in the spring of 2008 in front of journalists from Germany and abroad, we “creators” knew we were on the right track from the very Berlin was never about spectacular big-action events and snappy slogans; rather, our focus was first and foremost on the 3.4 million Berliners who make our city so unique and who contribute every day to its transformation. Also, we chose an authentic and universally understood name. 

In the course of our campaign, we systematically highlighted Berlin’s many different facets, including business, science, culture, modern industry, sports and social work.

In the summer of 2007, when Berlin’s government commissioned Berlin Partner GmbH with developing and implementing a strategy for an image campaign, a study by TNS Infratest market research showed that the national public considered Berlin to be “full of life” and the international public thought of it as “a city with great potential.” The capital, however, had no clear profile to speak of, and international survey participants still considered other cities to be much more attractive as places to live and work.

As a result, our goal was to transform Berlin’s strengths into an opportunity – and, most importantly, let Berliners themselves speak on behalf of their city. And our strategy worked. As shown by a recent TNS Infratest study, Berlin’s image among international survey participants as a business location and an attractive place to live and work is now significantly stronger than in 2007. The city has developed a very clear brand profile, not least thanks to the impressive commitment shown by thousands of Berlin campaign “ambassadors.”

As the researchers noted, “The associations and evaluation of factors of location show that the be Berlincampaign’s content and message were effectively communicated and improved the perception of the city.”