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Additional Information

Take advantage of worldwide interest in Berlin. Berlin is a lively city that has undergone a rapid transformation. Today's Berlin is a pioneering industrial and service-oriented hub, among the most innovative scientific locations in Europe and one of the world's leading cultural centers. We will gladly support any Berlin-related trade shows, conferences, exhibitions or business lunches you are holding. Take advantage of our free Berlin Box service for information on internal and external communication. Select the most suitable Berlin materials in German or English for your event.


Your request is promptly reviewed by the campaign team, answered and the materials shipped when holding Berlin- relevant event. Please note that it needs about 14 days for processing and shipping. For documentation on our website’s map "Berlin Worldwide" we kindly ask you to provide some photos and a brief report on the event.


Under the category “Berlin-presentation" you can download films, publications, posters and campaign motifs any time.