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The world's largest full-scale 3D printer in series production comes from Berlin.

hidden hotspots

  1. Kater Blau
    Great sunsets at the successor to the legendary Kater Holzig. Be there when night becomes day.
    Holzmarktstraße 25
    10243 Berlin
  2. Boxhagener Platz
    Real people, not hipster Berlin. Don't pass up a visit to the weekly market on Saturday!
    Boxhagener Platz
    10245 Berlin
  3. BigRep Neighborhood
    Authentic Kreuzberg flair on and around Bergmannstraße.
    10961 Berlin
  4. Markthalle 9
    You have to try the streetfood!
    Eisenbahnstraße 42/43
    10997 Berlin
  5. Vanille & Marille
    It's a must for every ice-cream fan. An excellent assortment, try the white chocolate with orange and ginger.
    Hagelberger Straße 1
    10965 Berlin

news and updates

A day in the life of

My name is René Gurka and I am the CEO of the start-up BigRep. Our vision is to change the world from the ground up through 3D printing. And where better to do that than in Kreuzberg, Berlin
Machines were once manufactured here, in this former industrial building. Now, we too are building machines on this site: The BigRep One is the world’s largest 3D printer produced in series. It has a volume of over one cubic meter and can print products, models and prototypes in their original sizes. Furthermore, it is incredibly low priced and efficient.
Our team is also unique. As unique as Berlin and just as international. Young talents from ten different countries work at BigRep: Mechanical engineers, mechatronic engineers, software developers, industrial designers and sales specialists are all on-board. We even have a former NASA employee. His expertise provides us with the support we need for our corporate mission to Mars.
Our success confirms our vision: We have been active on the market for just over a year now. Among our clients are architects, designers and artists from all over the world as well as classic industrial companies and universities. After just 12 months, we crossed the one million Euro turnover threshold. What’s more, our BigRep One is nominated for the German Design Award.

It’s no accident that BigRep was founded in Berlin. Here, the best of two worlds comes together: A young, creative scene meets the innovative “big players” of traditional industry.
This mix is unique and has lots of potential. That’s why Berlin will always remain our base, both now and in the future, as the city of opportunities.

The world's largest standard available 3D printer comes from, you guessed it, Berlin. With a volume of more than one cubic meter, the BigRep ONE.2 is further proof that Berlin continues to be a city of superlatives in so many ways. The manufacturer is BigRep, a startup founded in 2014 and today already the market and tech leader in the field of serial 3D printing. The young company has already come close to achieving its ambitious goal of initiating a paradigm shift in design, prototyping and industrial production. Indeed, BigRep ONE.2 is successfully closing the gap between 3D printers in model and industrial format.

At the Pop-up Store: The printing process will be showcased on-screen, plus there will be an online contest. Participants will be invited to submit Berlin-related printing ideas. The winning design will be made by BigRep.


hidden hotspots