In Berlin we've taken our dream of an own company to the 3rd dimension



Join Stephan Kühr on his journey from undergraduate to outperformer.

3yourminDs hidden hotspots

  1. Tempelhofer Feld
    Grillen, chillen, kiten und einfach frei sein in der Mitte der Stadt.
    12101 Berlin
  2. Der Pfeifende Inder
    Gutes Essen und der lustigste Kellner in Berlin. Verstört garantiert jeden der zum ersten Mal da ist.
    Knesebeckstraße 4
    10623 Berlin
  3. Admiralbrücke
    Nichts geht über ein Bier aus ‘nem Späti auf der Admiralsbrücke nach Feierabend.
    10967 Berlin
  4. Miss Saigon
    Das beste vegane Essen in Berlin.
    Skalitzer Straße 38
    10999 Berlin
  5. Café Erdreich
    Sich mal wieder wie ein Student fühlen. Mit Bier für 80 Cent und ‘nem Kicker.
    TU Berlin, Raum BH 3
    10623 Berlin

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A day in the life of 3yourminD

My name is Stephan Kühr, and I am the founder of the startup 3yourminD. One thing is certain: 3D printing is changing our world. The question is simply how fast. Charlottenburg has the official title “Zukunftsorte,” and it was here in Charlottenburg that everything began – in a tiny room at the Technical University of Berlin.

Our newly designed website – which makes 3D printing possible with the click of a mouse – has already convinced thousands of users all over the world in just a few weeks. It saves the users hours of painstaking detail work and also a great deal of money.

All people and companies would be able to use the enormous potential of this technology if the 3D data creation process on the computer could be seamlessly connected to the production systems, meaning the 3D printers. We at 3yourminD are focused on this important interface.

The areas where our offer hit the bull’s-eye provide an overview of our customers: DAX corporations, government agencies or large architectural companies. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast it all happens. We represented Berlin at an international conference in New York last year and were recently voted one of the top 100 digital startup companies.

For every inventor out there with a good business idea: Come to Berlin. Do what we did. Seize your chance here in the City of Opportunities. We’ll see you there!


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3yourminDs hidden hotspots