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Get to know Berlin's success stories!

Berlin's success over the 25 years since the fall of the Wall speaks volumes. We wanted to get to know the people behind this tremendous growth! We wanted to find out what's possible for companies in Berlin today – especially as a result of the city's divided history and the fall of the Wall.

We received over 180 stories. In fact, the widest possible variety of Berlin companies responded to our call; they ranged from brand-new startups to traditional, longstanding companies, and each one of them amazed us with their unique and moving stories. And now we invite you to discover and explore this "universe of Berlin companies." Starting soon, you'll be able to read full portraits of the companies here online. Plus, our editorial staff is going to make it even more exciting by keeping their "25 TOP Stories" secret and unpublished until the very last moment:

The jury's 25 most exciting and "quintessentially Berlin" stories will be presented from October 16 to November 9, 2014 with much fanfare and publicity. Over the course of 25 days – one story per day.

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  • Although it might seem odd that a film professional from West Germany would end up taking over responsibility for promoting the legacy of DEFA, the official state-run film company in the East German era, this twist in the history of the German film business is entirely in keeping with many of the unexpected changes that came to pass as a result of the fall of the Wall. In other words, it's not entirely surprising that Gerhard Sieber, a Munich native who had previously worked for Bavaria Film, is now in charge of managing the film and television heritage of the GDR as managing partner of the ICESTORM Group. more
  • Joab Nist was born in Munich in 1983 and found his first apartment in Berlin by hanging up a note on Helmholtzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg in 2004. Since then, the blogger, author and filmmaker has remained faithful to Berlin and the city's unique form of public communication he calls "Zettelwirtschaft." While exploring Berlin for the first time, Nist had photographed many of the notes, notices, searches and requests posted by people in the public sphere throughout the city. more
  • Just like millions of others, Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, Board Chairman of the Dussmann Group Foundation, experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall as a media event on TV, in her case from her home in Bavaria. And yet, for her, there was something very unique about the TV coverage: indeed, every once in a while, she would catch a glimpse of her husband, Peter Dussmann, founder of the Dussmann Group, among the experts participating in the television commentary. more